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It doesn't matter that you failed your State Exam, you can start your life with an accredited high school diploma.

With our program Pathways to Success and Dropout Recovery, students have all their credits, but didn't graduate due to the State's Exam (TEAMS, TAAS, TAKS, STAAR, FCAT, ECOT etc.) are now able to enter the program, graduate and enroll in college.

Regardless of your age, earning your high school diploma is a GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT.

You can live in any state and qualify for this program
This is a High School Diploma and NOT a GED.
Why throw away all your credits for a GED? Keep your CREDITS and GET YOUR DIPLOMA!

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Students earning their accredited online high school diploma

"I can't believe I actually have my high school diploma. I went to another school that wasn't accredited and lost all my money and then I found Texas Success Academy.
I am in college now. I tell everyone about TSA!!! " 

Christine 2015 Graduate

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Keep All Your Credits. Make 70% or Better and Earn Your Accredited High School Diploma.
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$105.00 for 4 months

Tuition is $525.00

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How to Enroll:
1) Pay the Tuition in Full or Request the Monthly Payment Plan
    If you select to payment monthly it is automatically taken out 30 days from the day your enroll.

2) Fill Out the Enrollment Form

3) Fax Over the Following:
    Photo ID
    Last Transcript

Fax Number: 1-877-330-2606
You may also email items to your to advisor1@TexasSuccessAcademy.com

High School Diploma        VS

  • Accepted by ALL Jobs including State and Federal jobs
  • Accepted by ALL College and Career Programs
  • All Credits Earned on Transcript
  • Accepted by ALL Military Branches
  • Associated with being a hard worker and sticking it out
  • You will earn a lot more money with a high school diploma
  • (c) Texas Success Academy

GED                                         VS

  • Not Accepted for all Jobs
  • Not Accepted at ALL Colleges
  • Lose All your previous Credits
  • Not Accepted by some Military Branches and You will HAVE TO SCORE HIGER on the ASVAB 
  •  May be associated with cutting corners, with a lack of perseverance or giving up
  • You will earn $1600 less per month 

Certificate of Completion


My experience at Texas Success Academy has been more than a privilege to attend. I felt just like I was family from day one.

My experience with Texas Success Academy has been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to get an education. I loved that I didn’t have to take the State Test.   Hannah

Graduating from TSA was a great and exciting experience. Thanks to God, now I can have a better job and a better future. Thanks to the Academy staff for giving this opportunity.    Blanca

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