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We are close from June 25 to July 9th for Training.
Students may enroll. Classes will start the week of July 9th.

We will return all calls and emails starting July 9th.

K12 Open House July 16th at 10 am on Facebook and Youtube. 

Current students and School Districts /Partner Schools may still enroll students.

Students from ALL States and Countries can Enroll and Learn online *

Accredited online education for k-12 and adults students in Texas.
Fully accredited online school for k-12 and adults in the United States and Internationally.

Texas Success Academy is a fully accredited online school educating students in the United States and Internationally. We are founded by Teachers & Principals.
98% of Graduates attend the college of their choice. 
Classes are available 24/7/365.
You can live anywhere and enroll in school with
Texas Success Academy

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K12 online learning allows students to be successful

Discover how we reduce stress, and enable students to build upon success by learning  one concept at a time.
Earn Credits or your High School Diploma

Earn your accredited diploma online for adults

Get the second chance you deserve with our  online program.  Learn how you can earn your  high school diploma online on your terms on your schedule. 
It's NEVER Too Late to Graduate ~
                                                            Dr.  C S Chappell
Earn Your High School Diploma

Ths sign says success go get it at Texas Success Academy

With our program Pathways to Success and Dropout Recovery, students have all their  credits, but didn't graduate due to the  State's Exam are now able to earn their diploma. 
Earn Your High School Diploma

Congratulations to our 2018 Valedicatorian

Congratulations to our Valedictorian at TSA

These are just a few of the colleges our students attend.

Concorde career center provides medical training.

Your Best Choice for Online Learning.

Texas Success Academy  
Award-Winner 2017 National School of Choice

K12 students learn to learn to love online school

When the World is Your Classroom, you can love learning, by exploring, discovering and sharing ideas that are outside the box.

Bully Free Zone. Stress-Free Zone

Graduate from an Accredited High School that is TEA Approved

Graduate from an Accredited School
that puts your first.

98% of Students attend their school of choice.

Accredited online school on your tablet or phone. Download our app.

Our Promise to you is that...
You Will Earn Your Credits to Graduate if you don't give up.


Texas Success Academy is the Best Online School that I have ever attended. I love it. I had tears of joy when I started my classes. I thought it was going to be hard to work or understand the system, but it wasn't. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL.

2016 Graduate Flower Mound, Texas

Congratulations Dr. Amber Ware

2016/2017 Teacher of the Year.

We have Christian beliefs and values and believe Luke 1:37 “For Nothing is impossible with God.”

Mark Your Life with Excellence and Integrity.

* New York does not allow residents to attend any online high school that is not located in New York*

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