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If you were in special education or had a 504 please speak with admissions before you enroll additional help. 

Because of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) we have lowered our tuition to
help you reach your diploma faster.

$50 down and
$50 per month

We started TSA with YOU in mind.

Founded by Educators ~ Not Investors. You matter to us.

I have ALL my credits, but didn't Pass my State exam to graduate, what do I do?
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Check out our FAQ to answer several of your questions.

Earn your Diploma on your Cell Phone

Adults Can Learn On Their Own Schedule.

Self-Paced &
Enroll, Take Your Classes and Graduate. It's that easy.

Take classes on your cell phone and earn our diploma.

Option 1: 

I have 0 Credits to 10th Grade Credits

Monthly Payment Plan $50 Down and $50 per month.

  • Classes Available 24/7/365
  • Auto Pay Set up
  • International Students must pay in full
  • 1.1 Teacher support
  • Covers all your classes to graduate
  • Registration is non-refundable

Paid in full

  • Classes Available 24/7/365
  • 1 Payment covers all your classes
  • International Students must pay in full
  • 1.1 Teacher support
  • All your Credits needed to graduate

*Additional cost for students younger than 18.

Option 2:

I Need 11th or 12th Grade Credits

Monthly $50 Down

  • Classes Available 24/7/365
  • Auto Pay Set up
  • International Students must pay in full
  • 1.1 Teacher support
  • Covers all your classes needed to graudate
  • If you need less than 2 credits, Enroll in the the Pathways to Success Program and pay for the extra credits. 
  • Registration is non-refundable

Pay in Full

  • Classes are available 24/7/365
  • 1.1 Teacher Support
  • If you need less than 2 credits, Enroll in the the Pathways to Success Program and pay for the extra credits.

*Additional cost for students younger than 18.

Q:  What Do I need to Start?

A:  You will need the following:
-An Email Account 
-Internet Connection 
-Computer, Mobile Device, Tablet, Desktop or Laptop
-A willingness to Learn
-Start for $110 $50 and as low as $50 per month or Pay in Full

Online Adult High School Diploma
The adult program helped me to learn so much. They really explain everything.
TEA and SACS CASI accreditation means your credits will transfer.
Adult high school diploma online with an accredited school
This is school is better than a GED
Online Learning for Adults is avaiable for everyone at Texas Success Academy

Our program allows you to finish your diploma when you finish your classes.
We don't hold you back.

This is a Fully Accredited Adult Program that is
 Accredited by ACTS/AdvancED & SACS CASI.

A school Recognized by Texas Education Agency (TEA) 

Classes are Available 24/7/365
We have students who struggled in public school to those who just need a second chance.
You can do it, because we believe in you.

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    How to Enroll

What's Included:
All Classes Online 24/7/365
Teacher and Tutor Support via email, phone or SKYPE or another web based program
2 Official Transcripts sent to colleges or employers, 1 Unofficial Transcript and 1 Diploma to Frame

Admissions Step-by-Step Guide Here

How to Enroll:                                              
1) Fill Out the Enrollment Form to get your classes (You can upload your documents or)

2) Pay the Tuition in Full or Your Registration Fee.
Sign up for Automatic Monthly Payment Plan. Tuition is Due 30 days from the day you enroll.

3) Fax Over the Following:
    Photo ID  
    Last Transcript

Fax Number: 1-877-330-2606
You may also email items to Registrar@TexasSuccessAcademy.com

Forms of Payments:
Credit Cards: Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express
Money Orders
Automatic withdrawals from Checking or Saving Accounts (ACH)

Payment of Costs and Fees
There are no refunds for courses dropped after the course start date or after each semester starts. You have 5 days to withdraw before starting any class. Once you start class, there are no refunds.

Tuition Assistance is available through the Payment Plan Option with 0 interest fees.

What happens after I finish my classes?

You will request to graduate online.

1 Diploma and 1 Copy of a Transcript will be mailed to the Student.

2 Transcripts will be mailed to any college, university or career/tech center or Job of your choice.

High school diploma graduates earn more than a GED.
Tesxas Success Academy Accredited Online Adult High School for ages 18 and up has a very high success rate
Fully Accreditation online adult high school school

Congratulations to
Texas Success Academy
2014 - 2017 Winners of the Best Adult Education School

Texas Success Academy won a award for Best Adult Education School


Has This Happened to You?

Have you Failed the GED

Lost your JOB, because you didn't have your Diploma?

Working doubles just to
make ends meet?

Have you been SCAMMED by a Fake School or Diploma Mill?

Are you Here Right Now?

Are you afraid you will lose your job when they find out you don't have a high school diploma?

Can't get a job?

Can't get a Raise?

Looking for a school that fits  your schedule?

Don't Feel Embarrassed!
There's Hope.

We have helped students just like you graduate.

It doesn't matter if you struggled in school, our school is totally student centered.

You can do this. You have an entire team behind your working to help you graduate.

Enroll and change you life like so many other TSA Graduates.