Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery allow students who did not pass a course the first time, be able to earn the credit through an exam for middle and high school students. Students are able to take courses year-round at Texas Success Academy.

Credit Recovery is open for traditional 6th - 12th grade students, who need to recovery credits. Students can take classes in the Fall, Spring or Summer. 
These classes will be transferred back to your current school.

Students are able to recover their credits  at home with Texas Success Academy

100 % Student Success Rate

Free Online Registration for Summer School and Credit Recovery

$100 Registration
1/2 Credit (or 2 Qtrs Hrs (One Semester)) = 0.50 (1/2 credit) $150.00
1 Credit (or 4 Qrtrs Hrs (Two Semesters)) = 1.00 Credit $300.00

Here's what our Credit Recovery Looks Like:

Take the Exam

You have two Options
#1 Review prior to the Exam or
#2 Take the Exam

Pass the Exam

You earned your credit.
Passing score is 70% or better. Congratulations, we will send your credit to your high school or add it to your TSA transcript.

Failed the Exam

Okay, breathe. It's okay.
Did you take the Review? If not you can take it prior to the exam.

If you did, then lets look at taking the lessons to earn your credit.

High School Credit Approval Form (If Required by Your High School)