Most Frequently Asked Questions FAQ       

Are you Accredited?

Yes. Texas Success Academy is a school recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  We are Regional, National and Internationally accredited by SACS CASI a prestigious agency that is recognized by the US Department of Education. We have students in the United States and Internationally.

Fully accredited online school for k-12 and adults in the United States and Internationally.

You can graduate with the confidence to know that your credits and diploma are accepted by all employers, schools, colleges, universities, technical / trade /career schools and the military.

Texas Success Academy is a Fully Accredited Online High School up to Adults.

Graduating from Texas Success Academy means you can receive Federal Financial Aid at college based on your financial information.

If you do not go to an accredited school, you will NOT receive the Pell Grant or any Federal Financial Aid.

What Type of Programs Do you Offer and Who Can Attend?

All of our programs lead to an accredited high school diploma. All programs are live-monitored by teachers, mentors, tutors and/or administration. We are able to view you taking an exam through our system which means you are being proctored through our system.

K12 & Adults

Adult High School Diploma for students ages 18 to 80 plus.

  • Students with or without credits may enroll.
  • Students who have all their credits but failed their state exam.
  • We will accept a student age 17 if they are in jeopardy of failing or a dropout. The tuition fee is increased by $500.00.

You will get ALL your classes at one time, so you can work them at your own time.

Drop-Outs, Over-Age, and Adult Students Welcomed.

Kinder-12th Private School or Home School Options

If a student was enrolled in school, students will start where they left in the curriculum instead of starting over.

Credit Recovery Grades 6th-12th (Test for credit or retake credit)

Individual Classes 6th - 12th (Take individual classes all core subjects and electives and AP Classes)

Summer School Grades 6th-12th (Earn up to 4 full credits during the 6 week Summer School Program)

Mini-Semester 6th-12th (Earn a 1/2 credit during Spring Break, Thanksgiving and Christmas)

Students can enroll in a 1/2 credit or more and take those credits back to their previous school. 

Do I have to come to classes, I live out of state?

No. Texas Success Academy is a 100% online school. You can live in any city or country. You do not come to the Academy because all classes are online. 

Classes are available 24/7/365.

Can I just come in and take a Test and Earn my High School Diploma?

Absolutely not. Those schools are called Diploma Mills.

We are an accredited school. Our programs align with National Standards for Private Schools as well as the National Standards of Quality for Online Courses (iNACOL).

How can I pay for my tuition?

Pay in full when you enoll.

Payment Plan, when you setup an account with FACTS. You will have your own account and can payments.
Learn more about setting up your account and enroll Here.

You can mail in your Cashier’s Check or  Money Order to:

Texas Success Academy
1400 W. Mayfield Rd., Bldg 350
Arlington, TX 76015

We do not accept cash through the mail.

If you select the payment plan option then payments are on the 5th and 20th (you may change this date if needed once you enroll).  If you are late, there is a $30 late fee. You may pay partial payments until your monthly amount is paid prior to the due date.

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