Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for Texas Success Academy’s online high school diploma program

What credits are required to earn a diploma from Texas Success Academy?

The number of credits needed to graduate depends on when you entered 9th grade.

Students who are 45 years or older will need 18 to 22 credit hours to graduate. Adults who plan on attending college will take English IV and an additional Math, Science and Social Studies.

The Recommended Plan requires 26 credits that includes a two foreign language which is recommended for four-year universities.

The Minimum Plan requires 24 credits without a foreign language is recommended to apply to community college, trade or technical schools.


College / 4- Year University Plan                            Career/Tech College                              45 Years and Older

                                                                                                Community College/Job

English                                     4                                                                         4                                                         3 or 4


Applications                          1/2                                                                       1/2                                                          1/2


Math                                       4                                                                          3                                                               3

(Alg 1, Geom, Alg 2                                              (Alg 1, Geom &                                      (Alg 1& Geom

& approved Math)                                               approved Math)                                 approved Math)

Science                                   4                                                                          3                                                          2 or 3

Social Studies                       4                                                                          4                                                          2 or 3

PE                                            1                                                                           1                                                               1

Health                                    1/2                                                                      1/2                                                            1/2

Language Other

Than English                        2

Fine Arts                                1                                                                           1

Electives                                Texas Success Academy Graduation Day5                                                                          7                                                           6 or 8

Total                                      26                                                                     24                                                       18 to 22


What are the Diploma Eligibility and Requirements needed to earn a High School Diploma from Texas Success

For Texas Success Academy to grant a diploma the student must complete 25% of their coursework with TSA (5 Credits). In the past the requirement has been 2 credits minimum.
Students in the Pathways to Success Program, Dropout Recovery, Homebound, extremely ill or under very special circumstances who meet less than the eligibility requirements, will have to meet the following requirements:

1) Evaluation from the Diploma Eligibility Committee (DEC) under the Advisory Board of Education regarding previous educational history,  including grades, State assessments, Special programs (IEP or 504) to determine college readiness. We will abide by the IEP or 504 committee recommendations.

2) Review of credits from previous regionally accredited institution. Home School credits not from a regionally accredited institution will not be accepted.

3) DEC Forms must have 3 positive checks or students are required to take the College Readiness Assessment.

4) Take the College Readiness Assessment prior to the portfolio presented to DEC Committee. This will build your skills prior to taking the Accuplacer or the ACT/SAT.


Texas Success Academy Graduation Day