Education has changed.
But we haven't.
 K-12th Grade    

Affordable and Monthly Plans Available. Students can complete a grade level on their terms. You are not alone. Take classes at ANY time. Flexible School Day.

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Help for Parents and Students

Online school for k-12 students find success

Let us take the struggle out of educating your child at home. 

Home School is still one of the options parents have to education their children
Accredite online homeschool gives parents optiolns for education

We know homeschooling can be scary, especially if you have never tried it before, but together, you can do this and be successful.

Give your child the opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment.

We love our creative learners and the ability to allow children to explore and learn lessons that teach one lesson at a time.

We are Affordable with Low Monthly Payments and an Individualized Program for each student who enrolls.

$250  $150 Registration (annually)

August-May 20/21 due to Corona-virus. This is an Annual Plan. Includes Registration
K-1   $800     Payment Plan $1000
2-5   $1250    Payment Plan $1450
6-8   $2250    Payment Plan $2450
9-12 $3250    Payment Plan $3450
 Payment Plan $100 per month (if needed)

Payments on the payment plan will be based on 10 to 11 payments.  Learn how to set up your account HERE

Learn with TSA. Complete your grade level and take your credits back to your school or stay and graduate with TSA. 

The Learn at HomeTM Experience
Grows Successful Students

And as of 2016, there are about 2.5 million home-schooled students in the United States (Brian, 2019).

Why is Home school so popular?

Students are free to learn and grow in a safe environment. We offer a Flexible Schedule and a College Prep Curriculum that will prepare your child for college and beyond. 

Some parents are more familiar with the term home school than a private online school, so we offer this page to help them make a smooth transition to learning at home at our online college prep academy.

This is not a Home school diploma program, but a Learn at HomeTM Program at our accredited online private school. The only difference between this program and our K-12 academy is the students maybe pulled in with another student for a lesson to be explained. 

This is an online accredited school that is a parent and school team effort.  

Students planting plants to help the earth

You Complete Classes and Graduate on Your Schedule
Enroll Anytime

 Learn in the
Comfort of Home      

You are now able to add Religious Studies that teaches God's Love, and More Flexibility. 
Creative Electives

Detailed Student

Parents get access to see exactly how their child is progressing. No guessing or surprises.

Meet our Valedictorian
High Graduation

Students are now able to enjoy learning again in a stress-free and caring environment.

We Provide
the following:

Bully-Free Zone
Stress-Free Zone

NEW: Online Activities Teacher
Online Curriculum
Individualized Plans
Parent Portal
Membership Page

Unlimited Advisor Support
One-to-One Teacher support

4 times a month
Group Learning 
Verification of Enrollment

High School Diploma
Academic Transcripts
Documents for College Admissions

Our Wonderful Programs for All Learners

When kids get it!
No stress, but a love for learning.

Prices are for 4 Full core subjects & extras

Additional Fees for Labs maybe required

Graduation Ceremony (Seniors Only) and

Extra Transcripts ($10 each)

Career Diplomas are Extra

Learn about Texas Success Academy

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Creative Learning
  • Lessons by Master Teachers
  • Online 24/7/365
  • Easy Enrollment
  • Fully Accredited & Recognized by the State, Nationally & Internationally
  • Individualized to Meet Student Needs
  • Special Learns (SPED / 504) to AP® Classes
  • Low Monthly Programs
Accreditation that allow your child to be accepted at any college or university K12 and Adults

What Our Parents Have to Say

Shane Melaugh
My son in Kindergarten loves the videos. Now my three year old sings all the songs with my son. She has also learned so much and loves school.
Shane Melaugh
I can't believe I found a school, who help my child could go back and get the skills he didn't receive in his previous school. He is now a high school graduate. Thank you Texas Success Academy.

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Question: Can my child Learn at Home
Answer: Yes, your child can learn at home. We are a fully accredited online school. Parents are able to get the support they need at TSA. 

Although your child is learning at home we are an accredited online school. 

Questions: Why can't I just teach my child at home with my own materials?

Answer: Most parents want a curriculum that will prepare their child for college or work. Not only will your child graduate from an accredited school, they will have an easy transition to college with our transferable credits.

Texas Success Academy creates life long learners with our teaching strategies

We have Christian beliefs and values and believe Luke 1:37 “For Nothing is impossible with God.”

Mark Your Life with Excellence and Integrity.