Individual Classes

Take one class or several and return back to your school with credits earned.
Students who take individual classes are not enrolling full-time at TSA. Four class will require you to enroll as a full-time student. Have questions, send us an email or call. 

Studying online at Texas Success Academy online allows you to have a flexible schedule

Here is a list of our Core Classes

Teachers are able to Live Monitor you while online. You will also have teacher and tutor support.

We offer Math Tutoring. Students receive one hour per semester. If you need extra tutoring we offer inexpensive packages.

Fall 2016 Student who took an individual class said: 
I am enjoying (AP) Calculus very much. I am moving through it very quickly and love the format of the lessons. I have decided that Patrick Mara is an absolute genius. Anyway, I appreciate you checking up on me. 

How to take an individual class at Texas Success Academy
Students must meet prerequisites and obtain their school’s approval to receive credit.

The majority of School Guidance Counselors send an email to Denise at approving the class(es).

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Single Class Course

Summer School, AP, Honors, *(Some) Electives, Core Classes

Registration $100.00
1 Credit $350.00
1/2 Credit $175.00

Courses are paid at the time of enrollment.

To select a time to meet with your teacher during their office hours, we will send you a link with the appointment calendar.