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Texas Success Academy has partnered with some amazing Schools, School Districts and Corporations. We provide a valuable service that helps schools, college and career instituteskeep students and retain their graduation rate.  For employers we help you keep people who do a great job, but need their high school diploma.   

We are fully accredited to serve students from Middle School, High School and Adults 18 to 80.

ACTS Accreditation SACS CASI and TEA approved school to help students all over the world.
SACS CASI Accreditation provides students with the opportunity to graduate from an accredited school.
Partner with Texas Success Academy gives you options to grow your student base.

Expect the BEST when you Partner with TSA
Flexible Schedule ~ Classes Available 24/ 7 /365
Credits that Transfer
State Approved Classes
University of California A-G Approved Classes
Available Online *Mobile Device, Tablets, Desktops and Laptops Compatible

7 years experience

Excellent Reputation
High Student Success Rates
Great Relationships with Partners

Individualized Programs
We Teach One Concept at a Time

Students Finish when they complete their classes, we do not keep students longer than necessary

Who We Serve

School Districts
Individual Schools
Career and Tech Schools

Workforce Centers

Corporations can receive up to $5,250 in Tax Credits for education reimbursement program costs per employee

Work with Your Budget

We can work with all budgets
State Funding
Texas Workforce Programs
School Vouchers

We have Teachers and Tutors Available to Students

We are looking forward to working with you to grow your program or help your employees be successful.

We will design a program for our Partners.

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