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Summer 2021

Homeschool is still one of the options parents have to education their children

Full Accredited and available online.
Courses approved through University of California A-G and NCAA.
AP courses College Board approved.

Take Classes to Advance (and Graduate Early) or Recovery Credits (and Graduate on time).

Complete your classes anywhere in the world on your laptop or mobile device.

Our Summer School is Fully Accredited by ACTS & Congia (formerly AdvancED SACS CASI and a TEA Approved and Recognized Online School through TEPSAC.

Registration is $100.00 plus your tuition. 

We will have Three Sessions for Summer 2021.      

  • Session 1 June 1st - 31st        Earn Two Credits   4 weeks
  • Session 2 July 1st - 31st         Earn Two Credits    4 weeks
  • Session 3 August 1st - 18th    Earn One Credit      2 weeks

Summer School Tuition is Paid at time of Enrollment
(Individual Classes Price)

1/2 Credit  (or 2 Quarters Hrs) = 0.50 credits (1/2 credit) $150.00  per class

1 Credit  (or 4 Quarters Hrs) = 1.00 Credit $300.00 per class

Credit and Grade Recovery

Click Here to See Credit Recovery at TSA.

(Test to recovery credit and grade) 

1/2 Credit (or 2 Quarters Hrs) = 0.50 (1/2 credit) $150.00

1 Credit  (or 4 Quarters Hrs) = 1.00 Credit $300.00                                                  

All classes are offered during the Summer.

 Summer School classes are non-refundable and must be paid at the time of enrollment.

"If it wasn't for Mr. Hernandez helping me every step of the way, I would never have finished my math classes." Chinika 2016 Graduate


High School Credit Approval Form   (If required by your school)

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