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U.S. Accredited Diploma for International Students

Texas Success Academy offers it's International Students who meet the graduation requirements an Accredited US Diploma, that is accepted through our SACS CASI accreditation for schools, colleges, universities and employers. 

Programs for International Students
K12 and Adults Full-Time programs
The Adult Learner's program is an accelerated program.

Have questions about our program, please set up a time for us to call you. Click here to schedule a call.

Transcripts will be evaluated. Not sure which credits will be accepted, request a Transcript Evaluation.
If you know your previous school was not accredited, do not complete a transcript evaluation, you may go straight to speak with admissions. 

We are able to accept credits from schools that are recognized by the US Department of Education. 
If your school was not accepted, do not worry, we can still help you earn an accredited high school diploma. 

AP International Diploma Elgibility

International Students who take AP courses may be able to earn the AP International Diploma.  

Students don't need to apply for the APID; it's automatically awarded in the year all eligibility requirements are met. The College Board notifies students by email after the award has been conferred. Students may self-print an APID certificate from AP Scores. School administrators with access to AP Scores for Educators may identify APID students using the AP Scholars Report. 

APID Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must score a 3 or higher on 5 or more AP Exams.
  • Exams taken multiple times only count once—the highest score will be used for award calculation.
  • Students must attend a school outside the U.S. or U.S. territories, -OR-
  • Students attending a school within the U.S., U.S. territories or the DoDEA network must send AP score(s) to a university outside the U.S.
  • Exams must fulfill the following content areas: Learn More Here

K12 and Adult Classes are Here

K12 Graduation Requirements

Adult Students have one year of History of the Bible.

We are also able to help you get your diploma and transcripts Apostille if required by your country. Please let us know at time of enrollment. Extra Fee required.

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