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Online school for k-12 students find success

Parents give us 5 Stars. 
Join a school who cares about you. 

Parents receive Monthly Progress Reports.

Texas Success Academy students are from all around the world. We have Actors, Athletes, Dancers, Musicians to High Academics (Gifted and Talented and AP), to students who learn differently or have a 504. Each enjoy online learning on a flexible schedule or with cohorts.

Parents give Texas Success Academy 5 stars.

Need a tablet for your K-8th child to start classes. Let us know, so we may help.
Check with your state, for school of choice scholarships to help pay for tuition.
Tuition is based on the Year or Semester.

K12 tuition is affordable and includes monthly payments

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K-12 Accredited Online Education with teachers
who care about your child's success.

I just want to thank all of the Texas Success Academy staff and faculty for all that you've done for Isaac. When the public school system failed him, we didn't know what we were going to do. Isaac had heard about you through a friend and we decided to look into it. It was the best decision we ever made and he is grateful that we did. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts

Andrea Molinar
Proud Parent of a TSA Graduate!
Class of 2015 
Homeschool made easy at Texas Success Academy

Give your child the opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment. 

We love our creative learners and the ability to allow children to explore and learn lessons that teach one lesson at a time. 

We are Affordable with Low Monthly Payments and an individualized Program for each student who enrolls.

 Learn in the
Comfort of Home      

We reduce stress, and enable students to build upon success by learning one concept at a time and then with spiraled instruction and scaffolded support.

Homeschool is still one of the options parents have to education their children

When you enroll at Texas Success Academy, you will start where you left off at your previous school. There is no need to start over.

Detailed Student

Parents get access to see exactly how their child is progressing. No guessing or surprises.

Monthly progress reports delivered to your inbox.

Parents are responsible for setting a schedule for their child(ren) to work on their classes. We expect students to work (some) daily unless they are a working teen or ill. Students can work day or night.

High Graduation

Students are now able to enjoy learning again in a stress-free and caring environment.
98% Graduation Rate
98% Students go to school of their choice

Earn your diploma online anytime.

We Provide 
the following:

Bully-Free Zone
Stress-Free Zone

Online Curriculum
Individualized Plans
Parent Portal
Membership Page
Unlimited Advisor Support
One-to-One Teacher support in Math and Science
Group Learning 
Verification of Enrollment
Documents for College Admissions

K12 education at a price you can afford
  • Registration
  • Parent   Requirements
  • curriculum
  • Graduating Seniors

$250 Registration Fee covers the following: 

Due at the time of enrollment. Non-refundable.

Records Review (if any)
Individual Learning Plan (IEP and 504) 
System Program for Student
Username and Passwords for Students
Parent Portal to monitor student(s)
Monthly progress reports sent to parent's email
Classes Programmed for Student
Support for students  

1) Fill Out the Enrollment Form

2)  Pay the Tuition in Full or Sign up for the Monthly Payment Plan
    Tuition is Due on the 5th or 20th of each month  (You may change the date after enrollment)
    If you select the Payment Plan, it will be automatically taken out by

   FACTS. Learn more HERE.

3) Fax Over the Following:
     Parents or Guardian Photo ID
     Child(ren)'s Last Grade Card or Transcript
     Withdrawal Form (If enrolling after school has started)

Fax Number: 1-877-330-2606
You may also email items to your advisor.  Please double check your enrollment form before hitting submit to ensure all information is correct.

We use this information to build your transcript or grade card.

Payment of Costs and Fees
Registration is non-refundable.
We charge for the semester.

There are no refunds for courses dropped after the course start date or after each semester starts. You have 5 days to withdraw before starting any class. Once you start class, there is no refunds.

Payment Plans are set up on Automatic Payment and are withdrawn 30 days from the day your child is enrolled. You may change your date at anytime within the month to avoid a late fee.

Tuition Assistance is available through the Payment Plan Option.

If it wasn't for Mr. Hernandez helping me every step of the way, I would never have finished my math classes.

2016 TSA Graudate

Forms of Payments:
Credit Cards:  Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express
Money Orders
Payment Plan is set up as an Automatic withdrawals from Checking or Credit Cards (ACH)

David Sims, Jr during an interview prior to a race.
David Sims, Jr. Racer

David Sims, Jr is the future of racing. He is an award-winning
kart racer in California.
"Sharing Hope and Mentoring Youth One Race at A Time... It's What We Do!" David Sims, Sr. Founder of John 3:16 Racing

Our Award-Winning Online Private High School Offers...   

Flexible Schedule to Meet Your Needs
Study From Anywhere in the World
Great for Working Teens
Students Who Want an Alternative to Traditional School
Rigorous Curriculum
Take Classes that Transfer Back to Your Public School or Stay and Graduate from TSA

Now students can graduate earlier (and earn scholarships to colleges) or make up classes that they were not successful previously.

No Additional cost for some electives and AP

K-12 Online Accredited School for all Students who want to enjoy learning again.

Accredited online school who has won awards four years in a row